Frustrated with your current outdoor video security cameras false alarming on deer, sun glints, snow, fence movement, and other outdoor scene changes? PLE's AVT234© Video Security products are specifically programmed to learn and ignore natural scene states that may generate nuisance alarms from other detection systems. One customer who spent millions of dollars installing a new surveillance system only to deal with 400+ alarms per day cited AVT234's 99% alert accuracy after integrating the AVT234 with their existing system. And there is no need to replace any of your existing surveillance equipment, since, unlike comparable products, the AVT234 can be integrated easily with any security camera and hardware.

What is AVT234©? AVT234© Video Motion Detection (VMD) is an unattended outdoor video surveillance sensor on a computer that delivers consistently accurate true detections and almost zero false alarms in all weather conditions. AVT234© is a focused, mature technology that solves an important aspect of a significant problem in outdoor video surveillance - false alarms - using advanced algorithm layers to filter out false positives alarms. AVT234© has long term proven performance in the field, and is certified by the U.S. Air Force for PL-1, the highest level of protection.

Product lines are the Reconsiense, for military and law enforcement use, and the EventGuard, for utility and commercial applications, and configurations include the AVT234© VMD Server as well as a Mobile Security Trailer, a Deployable Kit, A-GAS Damage Prevention module, and a cybersecure AVT234-SE version.



Iberdrola: After spending millions of dollars to become compliant with federal regulations, Iberdrola had a major problem with their substation security: hundreds of false alarms per day. In 2008, after PLE integrated its AVT234 EVG-VMD Video Motion Detection server unit into their existing hardware, they recorded a 98% accuracy in their camera detections with as few as zero false alarms per day over 550 cameras monitored at their Security Operations Center. They were able to catch copper thieves in real time, and the cyber-secure system has passed numerous NERC/CIP audits.

Gas Pipeline Damage Prevention: NYSEARCH, a gas utility R&D consortium, wanted a product to protect oil and gas pipelines from third party damage. PLE developed the A-GAS Damage Prevention Software Module that can be added on to any EventGuard Product, which ignores vehicle traffic, pedestrians and other normal activity but uses a delayed alarm that alerts only when ongoing digging activity is sensed along a gas distribution line in the protected area.

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency: A Tennessee EMA needed to be able to quickly set up a perimeter at emergency scenes, so they purchased two AVT234 EVG Deployable Kits that allowed them to secure and monitor a secure perimeter. Audible alarms were generated at the scene and also sent to a central location.

U.S. Army Overseas: 2008 in Afghanistan was especially volatile, and the US Army trusted PLE to provide an easy to deploy and use security and surveillance kit for our troops to protect forward operating bases and surveillance points. The cameras used with the AVT234 REC Deployable Kit need no calibration, so they were able to start detection immediately upon startup of the AVT234.

Central Hudson Power: Purchased through Structure Works, an integrator, and installed at electric substations owed by Central Hudson Power, the AVT 234 EVG-VMD Video Motion Detection server unit was easily integrated into the existing hardware and is completely maintained by Structure Works, with PLE staff available as needed.

Enbridge Energy, Canada: Based on success in initial on-site testing in 2011, PLE's AVT234 EVG-VMD Video Motion Detection server unit is being included in a major security upgrade at Enbridge Gas Distribution, the largest energy supplier in Canada. Reasons cited are ease of use, integration with any other hardware used, accuracy of detection, and a low false alarm rate compared to competitors products.

U.S. Air Force: Superior video detection and a low false alarm rate after rigorous testing at Grand Forks Air Force Base nuclear facility in 2012 resulted in the AVT234 REC-VMD Server approved for placement on the approved equipment list for purchase as a Certified PL 1-4 Intrusion Detection System (Air Force AEL).




AVT234 Server


AVT234 Laptop


Mobile Trailer


Deployable Kit

Features of the AVT234© Video Motion Detection for Perimeter Protection:

  • Starts detecting less than 2 seconds after start up
  • Immediate Visual Response and Assessment - live video, or emailed image
  • Easy setup and integration into existing security systems
  • Extremely low false alarms in rain, snow, sand, sun glints, low lighting, foliage, lightning
  • Accurate detection on multiple objects, split-merge and occluded threats
  • Detects across the entire camera field-of-view with no zoning out required
  • Unattended: Automatic alarms can be sent via email, serial, relay, and XML
  • Certified PL 1-4 Intrusion Detection System (Air Force AEL)
  • Uses SEIWG-ICD-0101B VMD for XML Exchange
  • Remote access available over network via VNC or SSH
  • Works with all brands and of fixed, PTZ, thermal, IR, Near IR, long-range and wide-area cameras
  • No preconfiguration or pre-populated databases needed to start detecting
  • No camera calibration required
  • Up to 99% probability of detection with extremely low NAR/FAR
  • The Horizon Line proprietary AVT234© feature provides alert range and target track estimates
  • Triggers PTZ zoom-in automatically on alarm
  • Integrates with multiple annunciator display and NVR systems
  • AVT234-SE version is fully compliant with NIST 800-53 Cybersecurity Risk Management standards
  • Meets NERC/CIP 006-5 Physical and 006-3 Cybersecurity audit requirements
  • All EventGuard products include the A-Gas Damage Prevention Module for protection of pipelines and right-of-ways
  • Can work with handheld or man pack tactical radios
  • Reconisense line has ITAR Commodity Jurisdiction / exportable




PLE strives to deliver the most accurate unattended Video Motion Detection and monitoring of Critical Infrastructure perimeters that is attainable, to protect human and physical assets in the USA and beyond.

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